Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A couple post-storm pictures

Of course, I would have rather been out with my camera during the day on Sunday, before the clean-up actually got very far, but I was working, informing the Ottawa TV market of exactly what had happened, and letting them know that they were among hundreds of thousands of people inconvenienced by the wrath of nature.
Notice that the Metro newspaper box is totally blocked by snow; and that 24 Hours and the Ottawa Sun both use the same word in their headlines: WALLOP. Naturally, the French version of 24 Hours doesn't have the word, so that makes two out of three. I used my considerable power and authority ;) at A-Channel to banish the word from our coverage. It was so overused all weekend in print and broadcast, and there are so many other good words to replace it.


Misster Kitty said...

... I prefer "Snow Proud".
...or "Snow Blessed".

Maria said...

I prefer NO snow!

But that goes without saying!