Monday, March 10, 2008

Proud? Who? Moi?

Check out this link and keep reading until you get about halfway down, and the young paramedic named Dan makes his entrance. That's my Dano!

I also know Don the veteran. He's from Iroquois Falls, I coached a Midget hockey team with his Dad for a couple years. His brother was on that team.


JB said...

I think young Darrel Leavoy makes a good point, too, about vehicles not giving more room to them, or pulling over to the side when their lights are flashing. There's far too much ignoring of the law, and it puts good people like Dan, Don and Darrel in danger when cars are passing too close to them, and also risks lives of their critical-condition passengers when vehicles won't get out of their way.
Good for Brandon for writing the story. It would be nice - and life would be better - if newspapers in bigger centres and major cities wrote more stories like that, wouldn't it?

Newsguy Bob said...

Agreed, JB.

Last night at A-Channel, we did a story about cars parked on the streets after the snowstorm being an obstacle to fire trucks and ambulances that didn't have enough room to get through, and how some ambulances actually got stuck in the snow at the height of the storm.
Of course, exercising the gallows humour so prevalent in any newsroom, we were making cracks about making the old lady on the stretcher get off her ass and help push, regardless of her medical condition. But it truly is a serious issue that people might have innocently overlooked.