Wednesday, April 18, 2007

By Popular (?) Demand (?)

"Father," asked the young Native boy, "how do Native children get their names?"
"Well," his father replied, "the child is named after the first thing that the father sees, hears or feels immediately falling the child's birth. For instance, Wind in the Leaves, or Thunder in The Sky. Why do you ask, Two Dogs F***ing?"

Little Bro Dan and I are both Métis. He is fifth generation, I am fourth. You can go back five generations to qualify for a membership card in the Métis Nation. Métis is non-status, so it is not a status card. Dan has his membership card.

One time when Dano was 16 or 17, my dad was teasing us good-naturedly about being Métis, and asked if such things were taken into account when Big Brothers were matching Bigs and Littles. I said I wasn't sure, but that it might be. "Right, Two Dogs?" "Yep," Dan replied, sending my dad into near convulsions of laughter that started with a snort and almost made the poor guy pee his pants.

My name is Bob, and I come from a very weird family.


JB said...

Bearing that in mind, ALL of Nat's dogs - if the same naming system applied to dogs - would be named "Eats-Its-Own-Poop".

T said...

Okay Bobby, here's one for ya, when we were little and attended Sunday school *religiously*, there was one particular day that although I cannot recall the exact circumstance, it ended with my younger brother giving me a bloody nose. Oh, and I ahd an uncle who gave us all native names, I believe I was "Little Cloud".