Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm a big boy now!

It's about time, too, considering I'm ten months away from turning 50.
As of today, I own my very own washer and dryer, and my own couch. The big move to the brand new apartment is four weeks from tomorrow, and getting more real all the time.

Again today, though, something to temper the enthusiasm: I found out that a young guy, same age as Little Bro Dan, and played hockey with him for a few years, has been busted for robbing a cab driver in Timmins, and trying to rob the local movie theatre. He's facing a long list of charges, including robbery and weapons possession, and it's not the first time he's been in trouble. I'm afraid he's going to the big house.

Dan and I have been chatting online about it, making wisecracks. But we're also talking about how sad and disappointing it is on one hand; and on the other hand, how it makes me that much prouder of Dano.

Sure, the alleged robber's parents are divorced and both remarried to different spouses, but they seemed to be doing a good job of raising him. His dad was our hockey coach one year (I was manager/trainer), and he was always strict with his son. His mom was a good hockey mom, too, following him to games and tournaments and on the surface at least, getting along well with Dad and Stepmom. But, as my mom always said, you can only do your best, and teach your kids values and morals, but they eventually all have minds of their own, and make their own choices -- all you can do is hope that the values and morals you taught and demonstrated leads them to the right choices.

Hug your kids tonight for me, will you?


N@ Lauzon said...

Sometimes when I see little kids, I think - I wonder what kind of person you will grow into. Then I think - maybe they are on a bad path. And if someone just stepped in right NOW in their life - they'll turn out different.

Sometimes, kids just need someone to listen give them a little direction. It's too bad that sometimes it's not their parents.

On another note B-dawg, CONGRATS on the owning of appliances! You can now graduate to pull-ups! WEE! I am excited for you and your new place - I hope you post pics!!

Maria said...

Its very sad to see young kids going down the wrong road.

I hug my kids every day and always tell them I LOVE THEM. Its so important to let them know that as their parent YOU will always be there for them good or bad they need to confide in you.

Ma Horton said...

One thing I am the proudest of are my two beautiful , kind and caring daughters ...and not just because they read this site . ..and Bobbycakes I am so happy for you about the new digs but don't grow up too much on us .. okay .

JB said...

I hug and kiss my kids so much, I think they think I'm weird. The love between a parent and their child(ren) is a great kind of 'being in love' - much different than the romantic kind - not better, not worse, just different, and an incredible bond. On a slightly different subject, our little girl is back at the doctor's AGAIN today with her mom.
This is four weeks of not getting better, and we're worried. I just dropped Liam off at daycare, and he was a little out of sorts without his sister there with him. I feel lucky that we have twins, because they're there for each other - which I think is why our boy is having a bit of a tough time adjusting today. He kept looking over at Morgan's car seat with a confused look on his face.
All that to say I'm hoping, which is all I can do, that the attention and love we lavish upon them, and the guidance we give them, combined with their support for each other, helps them turn out to be the kind of people who THEY can be proud of, which I believe, regardless of how I might feel about either if them, is very important.
p.s. Congrats on the new stuff! Hope the next four weeks don't crawl by too slowly for you waiting to get into the new place.

Newsguy Bob said...

Okay. First of all, I don't intend to EVER grow up. That would suck rocks, dudes.

Secondly: Post pics of my new place? Try to stop me, booger blogger brain.

Third: I don't mind taking some of the credit for the amazing person that Little Bro Dan grew up to be. I also heap mountains of praise on his mom, for the way she brought him up, and for realizing that after losing his dad, he needed a consistent male role model in his life. I know that he realizes all of this, too, and is thankful for it.

Anonymous said...

NGB, I have to say, I tell Evan every day about a thousand times how much I love him. And I kiss and hug him religiously. He is my pride and joy, and I pray every day that he turns out ok.

Newsguy Bob said...

That's great, CQ, but don't be brokenhearted in a few years, when Evster says "Aw, c'mon, Mom, not in front of the guys". It just means NOT IN FRONT OF THE GUYS, but any other time is fine.

When Little Bro Dan was young and I would pick him up for a night, a weekend, or our annual trip to Ottawa, I would remind him to hug and kiss his mom goodbye, and then find something else to so, like put stuff in the car, while he did it. That way, I would encourage it, without making it sappy or uncomfortable for him. Now, he openly hugs and kisses his Mom, girlfriend's Mom, and hugs Big Bro Bob.

Maria said...

JB I hope Morgan feels better QUICK! When your baby is not feeling well, it is utterly the WORST feeling in the entire world. Especially when they are so young that they don't even know how to voice what exactly is hurting.