Monday, April 23, 2007

Hola from Punta Cana!

This place is beautiful, even in the rain.
It rained when we got here Saturday, rained yesterday (a 3-hour torrential downpour starting at about 5pm), and it's been cloudy with off-and-on drizzle again today.
I haven't wandered out of the resort yet, but have a couple tours coming up later in the week. The wedding is Thursday.
I had a great phone call with JB on Friday, as I was driving on the 401 and he was on the air, from about 5:20-6:00pm.
If I have some more down time, I'll check in later in the week, but internet time is limited to 20 minutes a day, unless you want to pay big pesos for it.

Later, Blog Gators.


T said...

NGB, would you bring me back a Cabana boy? I'm so jealous....

Maria said...

NGB, me NO likey you!!
Have a miami vice drink for moi!! Its my favorite drink to enjoy in the tropics.

Punta Cana is beautiful.

Have a great vacation!

Misster Kitty said...

Have a Lime Margarita for me!

Enjoy the sun and the sand and the sea and the air and every sight you see!

JB said...

As it is, it won't last long enough, and time will fly, so stay away from the computer and soak it all in. It was great talking to you Friday!

Newsguy Bob said...

Wedding was beautiful, bride was breathtakingly gorgeous, good time all around. Even Santa Claus showed up! I have the pics to prove it, which I will eventually post here after getting home, moving, etc.

Going on an ATV tour in a few minutes. Hasta luego.

JB said...

Bob's comin' home with a tan, Ottawa. Be prepared.
Glad it went so well, NGB.
Looking forward to the pictorial!