Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter Boxing Day

Beatcha to it, N@!

Nursing an Easter egg hangover,


JB said...

Thanks for the Easter wishes, NGB.
Right back at ya!
Since it was just announced on the BN wire that Rogers is buying the A-Channels, will you ask them to put A-Channel Ottawa on my Rogers cable so I can watch you work the holidays?


Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks for the news tip, JB. I haven't been in to work yet, so I hadn't heard that, although that was the speculation.

I'll talk to Uncle Ted and have you hooked up in no time. And your Jays season tickets for the company suite are waiting for you at Will Call. Tell them Fernando sent you -- yeah, that's it, Fernando...

Please don't ask for the company jet to get you there. Uncle Ted is really possessive about that damned plane.

Hugs to the Tinks and their mama,

Ma Horton said...

My baby boy is sick ?

Mike said...

Jeez.... these guys can't even figure out what company Ted owns. Sloppy journalism !

Welcome to the Rogers family, Bob. BTW ... it's 50% off Jay's tickets .. for us all !

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, Mike. Um, do I know you? Drop me a line at if you do, and don't want to reveal your true identity here.

It looks like the Rogers deal is all good for us. We'll have to move out of our current building, but that won't happen for at least a year, probably two. Rogers doesn't want our equipment; it plans to get all new, HD equipment. We're also told the plan is to continue local news and programming, and probably expand on it.

We're all hoping we get free cable, Internet and cellphones.

We live in interesting times in an interesting bidnid.

Mike said...

Nope ... you don't know me .. came across your blog doing a blogsearch for Smiths Falls, came back to see what you had said about "the deal".

You can set up blogger not to allow others to read, if you like.

Free cable ... not quite, but it's 50% off everything !!!

Newsguy Bob said...

Don't worry, Mike, I wouldn't block you.
So if you're in Smiths Falls and in the business, say hello to John Chatwood for me. He was a year ahead of me at college.