Sunday, April 08, 2007


So a homeless panhandler thinks just because he says Happy Easter, I will give him money. NOT!
I punched him in the eye. Now it looks like a black, blue and purple Easter egg. I showed him! Get your money the way I get mine: I have a job and work for it! At least do something for the money, like the guitar guy next to Beaver Tails, or Fat Guy on Fire, or the white-faced human statue, or the smart-assed young guy with the sign that often changes, but sometimes says that he needs money for beer. At least he's honest. Sheesh.

Thank you for tolerating my Crabby Old F**ker rant, fellow bloglodytes.


Ma Horton said...

Will you give me money then ..crankyass .

Maria said...

Yeah me too... I need a vacation anyway. Not all of us are lucky to be going to Punta Freakin' Cana now smile will ya?

Newsguy Bob said...

I AM smiling, dammit, because there are only 11 sleeps until I go to Punta Freakin' Cana.

And if I was a real crankyass, I would have asked, over on Ma's blog, how tasty your chickens and roosters were, when your mom made them into souvlaki? Or did she tell you that she gave them to people on a farm???

If you have any homeless people bothering you, let me know. I'll come to Montreal and punch them in the eye!

Maria said...

I know mom turned them into souvlaki, I came home from greek school one day and she was plucking feathers in the kitchen sink. She tried to tell me it wasn't MY chicken - but funny how it had gone missing at the exact same time. Took me a while to eat chicken again.