Monday, June 18, 2007

Barbecue recipes, please

Okay, the barbecue is set up, the cast iron grills are seasoned and cooling. In the next half hour or so, I will cook the first steak on my new 'cue.

So let's be a bunch of old ladies and trade recipes. I'm particularly looking for marinades for steaks and chops. Remember, I'm diabetic, so the less sugar, the better.

I'm also going to look online for the beer butt chicken recipe, or ask Cathy for it.

Please, don't be like my great-grandmother who would trade recipes, but intentionally leave out an ingredient or instruction or two, so that the other old lady wouldn't make it better than she could.

UPDATE: I just ate my first steak cooked on the new barbecue. Melted in my mouth. Tomorrow, I'm going to try a chicken breast!


Maria said...

Here's a tip for the BBQ lover to go along with whatever meat you like to cook. Grilled zucchini, eggplant and even potatoes.

1. Cut them lengthwise.
2. Brush them with a little olive oil on each side.
3. Salt, pepper, spices to taste and voila a nice and healthy side dish.

Glad your enjoying the BBQ. We have a covered patio in the back so we usually try to BBQ even in the winter. Nothing like a nice steak on a cold, crisp night.

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, Maria. Now don't be a Great Grandma Harkins, and please tell the rookie barbecuist how long it takes to cook those things, so I can time it with the steak or whatever.

And I totally intend to barbecue year-round.

Ma Horton said...

All this talk about clucking barbeques is making me hungry for drunk chicken . .. miss you rookiedookie BBQBobby .

John Mielke Photography said...

Best recipe site EVER is - I've linked you directly to their BBQ section.

One of their recipes for Halibut is amazing! Simple too! Just marinate in a few spices then BBQ! I serve it on a bed of white rice mixed with diced vegetables! YUM!

This site is great for indoor cooking too peeps. I BBQ year 'round though.

Newsguy Bob said...

Trial and error, right.
Maria: The potatoes were aight. I'll do that again.

The chicken breast, not so good. It was still a little pink about halfway through. Next time, I'll try a boneless one. I know it will be good.

Still, I'm enjoying my barbecue immensely, and look forward to a long, happy relationship with it.

Milky: Thanks for the link, Dood. You rock.

John Mielke Photography said...

Chicken needs a good 20-30 mins on high heat, turning frequently.

First, sear one side for 2 minutes... then flip and sear the other side. Then turn the temp. down to just below high heat and make sure the BBQ stays around 400F.

BBQ chicken is best when it's slow cooked though... low heat, for 60-90 minutes, flipping about every 5 minutes. Again - sear each side first.

Burgers: Keep the BBQ at 400. When you start to see moisture coming through the patties, rotate them a quarter turn. Wait for BBQ to get back up to 400. Check burgers... if there's juice on top, flip 'em! When BBQ hits 400 again, rotate a quarter turn. When it hits the magic 400 mark again, they're done!


Maria said...

How long it takes? Until you can EASILY stick your fork through the veggie you are cooking.

No problem - anytime!

Try the zucchini its one of my fav. and try some souvlaki too! What kind of greek would I be if I didn't suggest that.