Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Canada Day/Bonne Fête du Canada

I took this photo about three years ago at the family cottage. We proudly fly the flag all summer. This year for Canada Day, I'm even flying a flag from the back window of my car. I bought it yesterday at WalMart, which, of course, is an American company. The flag was made in Taiwan, but it's still MY flag, and I am proud to be a native citizen of the best country in the entire world.

Have a good, safe Canada Day weekend.


JB said...

I'll be going into work on Canada Day, (Sunday - the actual Canada Day, and not the holiday Monday) to do another three weeks of music programming in advance. It's not that it's a requirement by anyone else in my office. My boss is not suggesting, not even hinting, that I should do this...but I feel responsible. It's my music, it's my ship, and I want it run the way it should be run. My two on-air shifts are obviously being filled by others, but I don't want anyone doing my music directing job. Anyway, my wife will have to drive me to and from work, because I'm not ready to drive a 30-minute commute myself just yet, but I figure I can do one 8 or 9-hour day and then come home and recuperate for another 2 or 3 weeks, and be that much better for it, knowing I don't have to worry about anything being missed or going wrong with the music.

As far as YOU are concerned, I'm glad you've got some time off to chill out. Ottawa is THE best place in the country to be for Canada Day, so enjoy it. Let us know what the plan will be when Rogers steps in once you hear, and I hope it works out for the better for you.

Happy Canada Day, Bob.


JB said...

When Rogers buys City, and leaves you to the will of CTV/Globemedia,
I mean...

Newsguy Bob said...


I know you're probably getting a wee bit of cabin fever, but do you really have to work today?

I'm working 9:30am-11:30pm, but the upside is that I'm right in the Byward Market, and can watch the fireworks from our parking lot.

We're already owned by CTV. The deal closed at about 1pm Fri., June 22, and by 6:00 we had a new trademark sting at the end of our newscast. By Monday, all interior CHUM signs were down, and the one on the funny green tower on the roof was taken down later in the week.

All other details will be announced as they're decided upon.

All the best of Canada Day to you, Janne and the Tinks.