Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh, the wonder that's the CRTC

The CRTC decision on the sale of CHUM to CTVglobemedia came down this morning. I can only imagine the impersonation of headless chickens being done by management at both companies.

CTV wanted to buy CHUM Radio, the five Citytv stations and all of CHUM's specialty channels, and spin off A-Channel to Rogers Broadcasting. The CRTC, whose decisions can rarely be predicted and often defy logic, is saying "Okay, you can have radio and you can have A-Channel, but you can't have the City stations."

From what I can see so far, that sends us back to the position of wondering wtf will happen to us. Logic would dictate that CTV would keep us (A-Channel) and let Rogers have Citytv, assuming Rogers wants it. But who knows? Again, logic rarely works in these situations.

Of course, on a totally personal level, it has me wondering again about my own future. Rogers guaranteed our jobs until the take-over was completed (probably 18 months to two years) and beyond, because they were planning to implement more local programming. Time for another polish job on the old resumé, I guess.

Man, this business of broadcasting has been eternally jinxed by that old Chinese wish, "May you live in interesting times".

Yo, Milky: You might not be getting rid of me from the building after all. Hah!


Maria said...

good things happen to good people NGB and your job and future will be just fine!

Have a great weekend!

JB said...

Was thinking about you when I saw the story roll out this aft.
Have been really really really busy covering Hamilton Bulldogs hockey team (who won the Calder Cup/AHL Championship last night) by broadcasting my show live from their home games since the last round, so no time to myself, or to do my regular music stuff back at the station, or work three weeks ahead, which is what is expected of me before I go into hospital, etc.
Surgery is next Tuesday - got clean bill of health at both my pre-op appointments, so we're good to go.

John Mielke Photography said...

I can't imagine how hard this must be for you guys in TV. What a rollecoaster!

Prior to this decision the talk was that CTV had sold their building and would move into our building. You guys would be moved to the Rogers building on either St. Laurent Blvd. or Richmond Rd..

I can't imagine trying to fit TWO TV stations in our building.

The CTV building on Merivale is certainly big enough for all of us though... and there is a building on that lot that already houses a radio station. If memory serves that radio station rents that lot from CTV. And that radio station has recently been sold as well and could be on the move. Of course there's also 2 other radio stations operating out of the CTV building that I'm sure have already been given their notice to move on.

My head hurts just thinking about all the things that could happen.



Hey, Milky!

We're going to be working for the same company after all.

That doesn't necessarily mean we'll be in the same building. It will be interesting to see what happens on that front.

Yep, A-Channel is CHUM Radio's nasty smell that you just can't get out of the fridge.