Friday, March 30, 2007

I found a man for CQ!

Check this out:

The dude with the Mohawk mullet, wearing the very stylish sweatpants that make a definite fashion statement on his 300 lb. frame.

CQ: I can get his name and phone number for ya. Just say the word. AND he works at Hershey's in Smiths Falls, at least until it closes later this year, so he has access to a lot of chocolate! Damn! You've already done your Easter Bunny shopping for Evan, haven't you?

Back off, the rest of you women, I'm reserving him for CQ. I don't imagine he's already spoken for.



Ma Horton said...

I was getting jealous but I cannot see the dang thing .

Ma Horton said...

Okay saw him and I am not jealous anymore.

Newsguy Bob said...

Geez. I thought a guy like him was every woman's dream. Maybe not.

I guess it's a good thing that I'm no good at checking out men. But let's wait and see what CQ thinks.

CQ said...

NGB, you really shouldn't have. And I mean that. I thought you liked me....I'm sure he has a great personality though...If that's what you're gonna pick for me, maybe I'm better left to my own devices...(and you can make whatever joke you want there:)

Newsguy Bob said...

Fine! I was just trying to help.

Okay, girls, CQ thinks she too good for Buddy Mullet, so go get 'im!

JB said...

Okay, upside on CQ's new guy, Mike - Unlimited access to chocolate (for now, at least) and a nice red truck.
Downside - What downside? I mean, come on - after finding out he has unlimited access to choclolate, do you really care what he looks like?

Maria said...

Holy telido Batman... I mean how does anyone walk out of the house looking like that and is able to say "DAMN I LOOK GOOD!"

CQ, he's all yours girl.

The bright side? and yes there is one. JUST ONE! You won't ever have to worry about anyone like him cheating on you... cause really who would he find?

Newsguy Bob said...

What JB and Maria said: That's what I'M saying.

Quite a catch -- a big one, in fact. Definitely one of a kind you won't have to worry about any hussy snagging away from you.

The glass is HALF FULL, CQ, HALF FULL!

Him with his chocolate supply, and you with your apple fritters, a deadly combination. Don't let this one slip through your fingers.


CQ said...

NGB, thanks for the *gentle* shove in the right direction, but if and when I decide to find a man, you'll all be the first to know...:)