Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Anybody want Grandma's chesterfield?

It and the matching chair are outta here next Tuesday, when the Salvation Army comes and picks them up. Along with them will be two or three bags of clothes, mostly the snappy suits and sport jackets I wore when I was a news anchor all through the 1990s.

I wanted to give everything to the Diabetes Association, but its guys can't/won't come right into the apartment and carry the furniture out of here. So I'll be watching for my old clothes on the backs of the guys who hang around the parking lot I use in the Byward Market, right next to the Sally Ann shelter. They'll look snappy, I tell ya -- about ten years out of style, but snappy!

I'm also junking out some books and DVDs that I'll likely never read or watch again, and giving them to some women at work who hold crap sales occasionally for their charity of choice. The voices in my head are fighting over whether I'm gonna weed out some CDs, too. Hey, one man's crap is another man's gold mine, the voice called Pappy is saying.

Can you tell that I'm getting psyched for the big move? I'm not counting sleeps yet, but I am getting psyched.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember: last call for Bob's crap. Ya snooze, ya lose.


Maria said...

Very nice of you to offer. But I gots enough crap of my own after almost 15 years of living in the same place. Not too mention all the stuff thats acumulated after 2 kids.

But the homeless people should be looking very SNAPPY or SAPPY.

Be Good and Stay Safe!

Ma Horton said...

You are giving away all of your snappy wardrobe ? ..what's left ?

Newsguy Bob said...

My niece Jen, who's an early childhood educator in Timmins, suggests I put the wardrobe on eBay. She thinks it would be a great hit in Timmins.

Yes, the warped sense of humour runs in the family. We have a great time when we get together.

Jen's also the girl who scared the crap out of me last summer. I was helping her move into her apartment, and we were driving down Algonquin Boulevard when she yelled "Oh my God! That poor woman doesn't have any legs! Oh, wait, she's wearing camouflage pants."