Tuesday, March 20, 2007

She double-double dared me!

Ma Horton did, to post some of my baby pics. There aren't a whole hell of a lot of them, what with me being the second boy and middle child -- something I forgave my parents for many years ago. So here goes: This first one is New Year's 1962. I'm about five weeks from my fourth birthday, my brother is 5 and my sister is four months old. The second one is Christmas, 1960, and the one below is Christmas, 1962. That's all I gots, on my computer at least. And don't even ask about my teenaged years. No way. You'll have to use your imaginations.


Ma Horton said...

Wow you are a fast worker .. I need time to scan so I will keep you in suspense . You are a cutie patootie too .

Maria said...

WOW look at how adorable those pictures are? Are you still just as cute?
By the way, has nothing to do with being the middle child and everything to do with NOT being the first. Its the first one that you have a shit load of pictures for, after that its not so much. I know and I only have 2 kiddies.
AND ... I finally figured out how to post pictures on my blog (go have a lookie look). I must have been going through a case of blonde hair syndrome.

Be good & stay safe.

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, Maria, and yes, I'm still just as cute (right, Ma?).
I hear you about first/second child, but in our family, number three was the first and only girl, and Mom and Dad knew that there would be no others, so in my case, middle child trumps second child.

I just recently figured out picture posting, too, and my formating still sucks. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to get the finished product you see here. Too bad I didn't have an 8-year-old nearby, who could have rolled his/her eyes at me, and done it for me in about 30 seconds.

Maria said...

True my son does things on the PC I never heard of and he's 12.

I should have asked him how to post pics. lol

Maria said...

OR maybe I can WIN a free Macbook on Nat's show and from the way she talks about it the MAC does everything including get me a glass of water whenever necessary!
I should have known about it before I bought myself a DELL laptop!