Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey, JB -- it's weigh-in time

Just back from Dr. Strangeglove's office, and I am doing marvellously. My weight is down another 2 kg (I'm now below 200 lbs.), blood pressure is down, blood sugar is down, cholesterol is down but triglycerides are still too high, so I have new medication for that.
All that and I haven't worked out for two weeks because of the stubborn cold that I think I have finally gotten rid of. Back to the gym tomorrow.

How's it going, JB? I know you're busy at work and with the Tinks and you're just getting over being sick, too, but -- not to come off as preachy here -- I had a whole bunch of excuses, too, and that's all they are: excuses. You can lift weights by getting each Tink to hang on to an arm. Your strength and their weight will increase together. There's exercise for you!

C'mon, the gauntlet is down! :)


Ma Horton said...

Hey JB get yer virtual butt online for a weigh in ...and don't tell us you are busy in the real world ..that's just a lame excuse because none of us are real .

JB said...

Ma, every time I see a post from you, I see this picture of a lovely blond woman in the top right hand corner giving me the finger. It's very disconcerting.
Anyway, as of last night, I'm 193.5 pounds. I was down to 192, but the weekends are always tough to stay on course. Janne (my lovely wife) and I are both dieting (but not with each other - each with a plan that works best for us), and weekends are when we usually 'cheat' and eat beyond the borders of our plans. When we see each other less through the week, we tempt each other less. Actually, our plight reminds me of an old episode of Cheers where Woody's girlfriend comes to Boston, and they both gain massive amounts of weight, which turns out to be the reason they stopped seeing each other in the first place.
Hey, we like to eat together.
NGB, I'm not as thorough as you. I don't know my cholesterol levels or resting heart rate or blood pressure (which, to the best of my knowledge, has been perpetually 120/80 everytime I've had it checked) or any of that...I just know my weight.

Ma Horton said...

Well it was not easy for me to URL my dam finger . I am not the copy and paste queen either . When I see a post from you all I see is this picture of a very young rocker and his geetar .

Newsguy Bob said...

Good on ya, JB. I have some catching up to do.

The only reason I know all that gobbledygook about cholesterol, etc., is because they're all related to diabetes. But I'll tell ya, it feels good to hear that most of them are coming down, along with my weight.