Monday, March 26, 2007

Things are starting to move

...although I don't physically move until May 1st.

I have hired a mover and made arrangements to have cable, internet and phone moved over. At the same time, I signed up for Rogers Home Phone, abandoning Bell. Until two years ago, I worked for Bell, kind of, because it had majority ownership of CTV. Now my only connection will be the 302 shares of BCE that I bought on the employee purchase plan.

Now I have to get my arse in gear and start the packing process, first by relieving myself of a lot of junk I have accumulated over the years.

I have also decided that besides the washer and dryer that I'm buying, I'm also going to buy some living room furniture. Right now, I have my grandparents' chesterfield and chair. They're not antiques -- I remember when they bought them when I was a teenager. But they are from the 1970s and showing some signs of age, and when I look at them, I think that I can't move them into a brand new apartment. So I've begun shopping. My sister and brother-in-law and his sister told me last night at supper, that Ashley Furniture has great stuff. I went there today, and there sure is some beautiful stuff, and not terribly expensive, either.

I've been looking around for a washer and dryer, too, and today, I found just what I need at Zellers, of all places. A Beaumark stackable pair (heh-heh, "stack"able "pair") for about 200 bucks less than anything else I've seen. I looked on the internet, and Beaumark is made by General Electric, which also makes several other reputable brands. I think I'll go back to Zellers and score the bonus of big-time HBC points.

Any input on Beaumark appliances is welcome, fellow bloglodytes.


Ma Horton said...

I have only heard of the Bismark ..and it sank .

CQ said...

There is a B0-Mark motel on the highway into North Bay...other than that, never heard of it. Glad I could help.

Maria said...

If its made by GE how bad can they be? Although, I have never owned that make myself. I do own GE Profile fridge, stove and microwave/fan combo and I am totally happy with them.

So knock yourself out, I am sure they will be just fine. Plus, bonus on the HBC points I collect those also. I think you need a trillion points for a toaster - no?

Newsguy Bob said...

Thanks, Maria.
I'd be surprised if it only takes a trillion for a toaster. But every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single steps... :P

Maria said...

you said it big fellow!
So start collecting those points.