Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rrrrrrrrolling up the rim made easier

This morning on A-Channel Morning here in Ottawa, we featured a guy who has invented the rimroller. It's a device that saves you from using your teeth and smudging your lipstick (oh, I hate when that happens) while rrrrrrrrrolling up the rim.

Apparently, the rimroller will soon be for sale at all Lee Valley Tools locations for two bucks.

Try Googling rimroller for more details.


Anonymous said...

NGB, I checked out the site, pretty cool little gadget. On the other hand, the man obbviously has a LOT of time on his

Maria said...

a guy my husband works with won a PLASMA TV with the rolllllll up the rrrrrrimmmmm.

Milky said...

I tried looking up "rimroller" at work, and our "naughty, naughty" filter wouldn't let me through.

Heh, heh... "rim roller!" Heh... heh...


Newsguy Bob said...

Funny, Milky, because it's the same filter, but I got rimroller *snicker, snicker*. Maybe the security level on you is higher, which wouldn't surprise me. :)

CQ: Yeah, a lot of time on his hands, and very soon, a lot of money in his bank account. I'm slapping my forehead, wondering why I didn't think of it.

I just checked, and the demonstration of how the roller works will soon be up on . It might take some maneuvering around the site, but you'll find it.

Milky said...

Just caught the piece on your 11pm newscast.

SO simple... and SO Canadian!!! This guy stands to make a bloody fortune!!!!

Attn: radio & TV stations... get your logo on these YESTERDAY.


JB said...

All depending on which 'rimroller' he's using, he might have more than time on his hands.

Okay that's just disgusting.
I take it back.

Ma Horton said...

Is everything going technical ? Don't we do anything with our hands or mouth anymore ? ( ..that low comment was made specifically with JB in mind .) And most importantly ..why does the rimroller remind me of Daffy Duck's beak ?

Newsguy Bob said...

Before I can agree or disagree with you about the rimroller and Daffy Duck's beak, I would have to see Elmer Fudd shoot the rimroller off someone's face. Any volunteers?