Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little cyberpoll I hope you'll participate in

I just came back from my workout at Cuts for Men (the male equivalent of Curves for Women). I've only been a member for about a month and a half, and been there maybe 12 times.

Today, the manager was there. I haven't seen her since the day I signed up. She said to me: "Are you ever losing weight. Holy crap!"

My question: Did she just say that because of who she is? I need your opinion.

More background: I've only lost three or four pounds, and need to lose about another 30 or so. I still have the classic middle-age paunch, and don't like looking at myself in profile, or naked.

I really think she just said that. Let me know what you think.

One more note while I think of it: If you are among the dozens of people who I accidentally spammed yesterday with a pain in the ass thing from flixster, I sincerely apologize. It started with what I thought was an email from one of my hockey players. Next thing I know, everyone on my Hotmail address list is receiving this email thingy from me.


Ma Horton said...

She probably meant you are full of crap not holy crap ..

Milky said...

Probably a line... pretty shitty business practice to look at one of her clients and say "thank God you got here when you did!"

Oh, and don't feel bad Bob, none of us care to see you naked either.



Newsguy Bob said...

Ah, good old Milky. I can always count on you to keep it real. Come to think of it, I can also count on Ma, N@, CQ, Maria, JB and a few others to keep it real, too.

I also got the feeling that manager lady was saying "Holy crap, you were a slob when you started here, and any little difference counts."

JB said...

I'm guessing she's in her 20's. Seems to take longer for people to develop tact these days.

...and, yes, what Milky said.
(The fact that he beat me to it was a little frustrating, but I'm over it.)

Ma Horton said...

Hey encouragement cost $$$ but we are free .

Maria said...

We are ALL here to keep you grounded.

Sometimes it may seem like you only lost a few pounds but it may show more by loosing inches. If that makes any sense.


Daphne said...

It is possible that she meant it. Just because the scale says you lost a few pounds doesn't necessarily mean you don't look leaner.

You can easily lose inches without losing a lot of weight, and that's a fact.

She may have been sincere and actually noticed a difference.

Why not take the compliment and run with it? ;)