Friday, March 23, 2007

I am an adrenalin junkie

I have been reminded today why I love my career. It's for the occasional adrenalin rush when you track down a story and nail down the details.

You might need to have worked in news to understand this, without thinking that I'm taking joy from someone else's misery. Trust me, there is a disconnect between the non-feeling, objective journalist and the human being who does, indeed, share the pain.

In this particular example, we learned today of a young Canadian drowning in Cancun. We then learned that he is from Ottawa, and were able to get his name and his place of work. We are now scrambling to get enough material, including an interview with his boss, in time for our 6pm news (it's almost 5:30 now).

It's not the exploitation of someone else's pain that gives you the adrenalin rush -- it's the chase to get the elements you need for a solid story that will tell our viewers not only who it is who drowned, but who it isn't. It's also the adrenalin rush you get from the satisfaction of putting your skills to work, and scoring very positive results.

By the way, the elements are falling into place. We will have a solid story at 6pm (Star Choice 342 or ExpressVu 209) and again at 11pm. That will be another source of satisfaction and adrenalin.

At various points during the process, I have paused to feel for the young man's family, and will again, when I reflect on the process that results in the story. Truly tragic. Twenty-three is too young to die.


Ma Horton said...

That is what makes you a good journalist ..the reporting of the facts as accurate you know it and that you care about the people in the news story . It is good to get that reminder once in a while why we are where we are in life and why we do what we do .

Maria said...

OMG thats so sad. I don't know what else to say.